Personal Training Services

Free consultation

This is our opportunity to get to know each other better. I understand this can be a daunting for some, especially if it’s your first experience of personal training. I will ask you to complete a quick consultation form, which will highlight your current activities, any issues/obstacles to exercise, your nutritional habit and lifestyle habits.

Importantly I will want to know your motivation to exercise and your fitness goals.

Free goal setting

I will set measurable, realistic goals to be achieved in an agreed timeframe. Maybe it really is time to give up smoking. Or cakes. Or the full English breakfast? I’ll set straightforward demands from you as a client and if you follow my guidance you will achieve your results.  I use several reliable methods to track your progress and set goals: body composition, muscle weight and body fat. Typically these figures will be measured every week and logged with test dates set in advance.

Free nutritional general advice on healthy eating

I encourage my clients to change their dietary habits to encompass recognised and  evidence based healthy eating guidelines. I won’t be forcing you to eat mung bean sandwiches; just a realistic, balanced adaptation to your diet to make you feel better and live longer.

Exercise and suppleness

The amount of contact time you book with me is your decision. However, I suggest a minimum of 1 session per week, simply the more contact I can have with you the better. Your sessions will be structured to help you quickly progress. They will be tailored to your goals, varied, fun and educational. Your programme might also include workouts to do at home, outside in a park or at the gym. As we get older it gets harder to squat down and pick up that dropped purse, or tie up our shoelaces. I’ll meet you where you’re at, non-judgementally, and we’ll take it from there.

You’re in Safe Hands

Rest assured you’ll be on the fast track to your goals with expert guidance and personalised plan based on proven exercise principles.

With You All The Way

Customised guidance and support just the way you like it. All fail-safe contingency plan to guarantee your success.

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